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Product Prototyping -
What physical form?

We can develop hardware and software prototypes to meet your needs, whether you require a proof-of-concept to secure investment or demonstrator to test the market. We can also develop single or multiple prototypes for field testing or product launches. Areas of expertise include:

  • Electronics design and PCB layout
  • Selection and use of off-the-shelf development platforms
  • Embedded software and Windows, Linux and mobile application software design
  • Wireless communications and Internet of Things (IoT) systems development
  • Imaging and camera systems development


Manufacturing Support -
How should we proceed?

During the product development cycle careful thought is required to plan the manufacturing of electronics sub-systems. Timescales for manufacturing, testing and certification of the product need to be factored-in. Cenric Consulting can manage these processes for the client. Typical questions we are asked include:

  • how do we convert our Arduino / Raspberry Pi / BeagleBone prototype into a manufacturable product?
  • how should we manage the manufacturing of our electronics?
  • what electronics functional testing procedures do we require?
  • what product testing and certification needs to be performed to sell our product to Europe, US and Canada?


Feasibility Studies -
Is this possible?

Often, after an opportunity has been highlighted, key questions remain which need to be addressed before further development. For example:

  • can low-cost electronics process data fast enough for a planned product?
  • are the low-power electronics capable of operating for 5 years using a single button-sized battery?
  • can the intended radio communications sub-system transmit through a stone wall?
  • could several products be developed from a single electronics platform?

These types of questions can be investigated by Cenric Consulting using both theoretical analysis and experimental testing methods.


Technical Investigations -
How and why has it happened?

Cenric Consulting can undertake technical testing and analysis of an event or series of events involving electronics systems. This will enable identification and understanding of the problem or fault that needs to be addressed. If requested, Cenric Consulting will then work with the client to formulate a customised solution.

We have experience working with forensic investigators and loss adjusters to provide specialised electronics support. We can support these organisations in their investigation of fires, explosions, engineering failures, product compliance and other incidents, in which electronic systems are thought to be a contributing factor.


Design Review and Analysis -
Can the product be improved?

As any product development progresses, it becomes more difficult to make changes without incurring greater costs. Cenric Consulting can review a product development or redevelopment at any point from the concept stage onwards to technically assess opportunities to:

  • reduce the cost of the electronic components
  • enhance performance or flexibility
  • reduce the physical size or complexity of a system through better integration
  • highlight potential risks, such as obsolescence issues and component supply issues

Technology Identification -
What should we use?

Finding the right electronic technology to solve a problem can be a challenge. What may seem like the obvious choice now, may not be at the time you launch a product. Cenric Consulting can work with a client to analyse current or emerging technologies to meet a set of requirements. For example:

  • what is the best wireless communication technology for my application?
  • which battery technology is appropriate for my product's operational environment?
  • which microcontroller family should I adopt for development of my product portfolio?

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