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Completed Projects


Interim Engineering Management: NCTech Ltd.

NCTech Ltd. are manufacturers of high-resolution 360 degree panoramic imaging systems. Dr Cade Wells of Cenric Consulting worked as their interim Engineering Development Manager assisting in taking an initial prototype of their first complex electronic imaging product, iSTAR, to manufacture. He also provided a wide range of assistance from implementing new processes in-house, assessing new technology for integration, hands-on software development to electronics supply-chain management, forming relationships with new suppliers, and recruiting an engineering team.

"Cade was a highly valued member of the team and was instrumental in working with our suppliers and helping recruit the key staff, bringing core engineering skills in house. Cade is always very professional and is very capable at communicating at the highest levels within senior sales and development meetings."

Neil Tocher, Founder CTO at NCTech Limited (March 2015)


System Integration and Testing: Holiday Cloud Ltd.

Cenric Consulting was approached by Holiday Cloud to assist in the identification, analysis, integration and test of suitable electronics -based technology for their remote monitoring system for buildings. Dr Cade Wells of Cenric Consulting, worked closely with the client to reach a point at which a suitable wireless mesh-networking system was successfully integrated and tested.

"Working with Cade was a fantastic experience. From the outset and throughout the project, Cade was enthusiastic, very helpful, explained technical points in plain English, responded to all my e-mails very quickly and took great care and attention to ensure he understood project objectives. He worked hard to overcome practical problems to ensure a fully functioning system was achieved. Clear guidance and tips on how best to deliver the product to my customers including follow-up support was provided. Cade was a pleasure to work with."

Donald Stewart, Managing Director of Holiday Cloud (Nov 2014)


CE Marking and IC/FCC Certification: Connect-IN Ltd.

Connect-IN Ltd., a wireless connectivity solutions company, approached Cenric Consulting during their first Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. They were developing a small Bluetooth-enabled remote controller and valuables tracker. As the device was to be shipped across the EU, US, Canada and beyond, it required testing to ensure compliance to EU directives to enable CE marking, IC and FCC certification. Cenric Consulting worked with Connect-IN to arrange this testing, thus enabling them to ship their Bluetooth product.

"Cade is very professional and a pleasure to work with. He helped our Company secure a much more competitive quote for getting our CE/FCC as well as IC certification and type approvals completed. Cade's good technical understanding combined with former experience of working with startup organisations and founding teams have indeed proved to be very useful for us."

Raj Sark, Managing Director of Connect-IN Ltd. (Dec 2014)



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